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Vetus Tweezer 6A-SA Ultra Fine Tip High Precision Antimagnetic


Good for classic (1:1) and up to 3D volume lash extension, as well as isolation/separation of lashes.


VETUS synonymous with quality and precision, this Swiss engineered range of tweezers are light weight, anti-magnetic, non-corrosive and stainless steel. They have been a favourite of eyelash extension technicians for years.


Available in a range of tip styles, both curved and straight tips and various lengths.


Special tweezers for medium SMD-components, of stainless steel, 100% antimagnetic, acid-proof, allergy-free and anti-glare. 

It is not suitable for hot air soldering (in direct airflow).


• 302er Stainless Steel
• Antimagnetic
• Overall length: 113mm
• Width: 10.0mm

Tweezer 6A-SA Ultra Fine Tip High Precision Antimagnetic

  • Since being established in 1996, VETUS Tweezers has become one of the world’s leading manufacturer of precision hand tools and instruments. Every VETUS Tweezers passes a rigorous final test before reaching our customers. Famous for its accuracy and durability.

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