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0.07 7D Premade Fans Professional Eyelash Extensions

Mixed Length Tray


4cm lash strip/16 lines in each box

Mix Tray:  9mm (2 row), 10mm (3 rows), 11mm (3 rows), 12mm (3 rows), 13mm (2 rows), 14mm (2 rows)



176 Fans/1232 lashes in each tray



In order to assist in speeding up the process of applying the lashes, we have designed and launched Noir Pre-Made Volume Lash Fans/Clusters, exclusively comprising of our Noir Lash product. With this inventive product, a cluster of Noir Lashes have been delicately, but firmly, attached at the root and curled outwards in a Fan effect. This allows the Fan to then be easily applied to one eyelash hair, thereby quickly and effectively tripling the volume of the eyelash.

Noir Volume Fans inherit all the great features of our ever popular classic Noir lashes - their ultra-light weight, classic superior curl retention, and our iconic radiant jet-black sheen. Noir Volume Fans are knot-free, have a very short and thin base which is invisible, and won’t damage natural lashes.


Authorised genuine distributor for Noir Eyelash Extensions

Noir 3.0 Volume Fans 0.07 7D


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