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MUSE Butterfly Volume Lashes 0.07 4D Individual Eyelash Extensions Premade Fans

Mixed Length Tray


4cm lash strip/16 lines in each box

Mix Tray: 8mm (1 row) 9mm (2 row), 10mm (2 rows), 11mm (3 rows), 12mm (3 rows), 13mm (3 rows), 14mm (2 rows)



320 Fans/1280 Lashes



These lashes have 4 single feather light 0.07 lashes on each stand, fanned to perfection. The thickness and length of each individual lash has been expertly designed to create the most stunning butterfly effect!

The pack is colour coded to indicate which eye you need to place each fan so get this amazing look. Each base is supple and wraps around the natural lash itself, to give the best retention!

When used with our Noir Jet Set glue these pre-made fans hug the natural lash, and are still the lightest of light weight! When picking up the fans they come away from the low tack tape with no effort at all.

If you like pre-made fans, and are into mapping out unique looks for your clients then these make it so easy for you!


About MUSE Extended Lashes®

MUSE Extended Lashes was born out of passionate, enthusiastic lash technicians, pursuing extremely high standard eyelash extension products. Precisely manufactured from the highest PBT materials, MUSE Extended Lashes boast a deep, rich black colour and semi-matte finish. MUSE Extended Lashes has been crafted from the industry’s most experienced craftsmen, who have added 15% more lashes on each row. All MUSE Extended Lashes have been hand curled to achieve perfect smooth curls. The variation between each lash row has been limited to the minimum. A brand new non-stick tape has been introduced to make sure lashes are free of glue after detaching from tape. All MUSE Extended Lashes have been double treated for amazing curl retention.


Authorised genuine distributor for Muse Eyelash Extensions

Muse Extended Butterfly Lashes 0.07 4D

  • Lash types of MUSE Extended Lashes®
    Silk/Illusion Lashes (Colour Blend)/Premade Fans

    Thickness of MUSE Extended Lashes®

    Lengths of MUSE Extended Lashes®
    9mm – 15mm

    Curls of MUSE Extended Lashes®

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