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Sky Type TD+ Clear Adhesive (5g)


Made from the same manufacturers as Sky Zone Lady Black, Sky glue TD+ is a clear glue tha can be used on black and coloured lashes. 


For Professional Use Only


This clear/transparent adhesive is perfect for black and coloured lash extensions. Very low fume/irritation index. 


All of our adhesives are latex-free. Humidity tolerance – 35% – 70%, long retention of 5-7 weeks, and quick drying in 1-3 seconds. 



Ideal for classic (1:1) and volume lash extensions.

1-3 seconds drying time (faster at higher humidity & temperature).

5-6 weeks retention.

Carbon-free and very low fume/sensitivity index.

Good resistance to heat and water exposure.

Ideal: 23-25C (73 – 77F) at 45% – 65% relative humidity. 

Lasts up to 7 weeks from opening.


If in contact with eyes, flush with saline solution or water for 10 minutes. Seek immediate medical assistance.

A very fast setting adhesive for advanced technicians only.

Shake enough before use.

Store upright in a cool, dry place.

Keep out of reach of children.

Do not use place which close to the fire.

Do not use for strip lashes.


Authorised distributor direct from Manufacturer. 

Sky Glue TD Clear Adhesive 5g


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