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Nano Mister Glue Curing Aid for Eyelash Extension


Nano Misters are used to drastically reduce the normal wait time (24-48 hours) for the eyelash adhesive to cure. Eyelash extensions need to be cured at the end of the treatment to speed up the gassing off of the fumes. Nano misting introduces water to the adhesive by atomizing a gentle mist.  Curing can also help reduce any eye redness or irritation that can occur. Unlike other misters on the market, ours come with a rechargeable battery, and charging cable.



  • Slide nano mister open, it will start misting automatically.
  • Mist from one eye to another for about 20 seconds.
  • Your mister should be about 9-12 inches away from the eyelash extensions.
  • You do not want to see water droplets on the lashes. If you are too close the adhesive can bloom and turn a grayish color, this means too much water was applied, or was held too close to the lashes.


Comes in white and dark pink

  • Rechargeable
  • includes charging cable, drawstring pouch, and water dropper

Nano Mister


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