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Lash Mapping Stickers 70 pairs

Under Eye Paper Pads Eyelash Extension


You can easily customise client's lashes by using these lash map stickers. They are perfect to measure both client’s natural lashes as well as eyelash extensions.

You can also design client’s lash style and mapping by putting numbers on eye the pads to show where to place whichever sizes you wish to use to create the desired look.

These stickers are made of super thin fabric with just the right amount of adhesive to securely attach to most eye gel pads. The best practice is using these stickers with our best selling thin and super thin eye pads.

The stickers have coloured lines so you can measure lashes and extensions easily during application, they are clearly marked and the ultra bright white helps natural lashes show up better and provide a barrier to make tweezers impenetrable.  Ultimately protecting your client during their treatment.


Mapping Stickers for Eyelash Extensions - 70pairs


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