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Super Thin Silicone Eye Pad For Eyelash Extension

Pack of 10 (2 pairs per pack - total 20 pairs)


These eye pads are designed super thin to make application easier when protecting the lower eyelashes for eyelash extension application. Unlike the thicker, bulkier gel patches, these do not sit up and the top lashes lie flat and smoothly on top of the pads. 


The patches are lint free, smooth and easy to work with and allow professionals to apply extensions without hassle.

Individually Wrapped, each sachet contains 2 pairs under eye Lint Free Gel patches.


How to use:

  • Clean and dry the eye area.
  • Open the bag and apply on top of lower lashes, taking care to avoid touching the eye or the edge of the lower eyelid.

Gel Eye Patches Super Thin - 10packs (20 pairs)


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