0.07 Mink Individual Eyelash Extensions 3D - 8D

Mixed Length Tray


4cm lash strip/16 lines in each box

Mix Tray: 8mm (1 row), 9mm (2 row), 10mm (3 rows), 11mm (3 rows), 12mm (3 rows), 13mm (2 rows), 14mm (2 rows)



8000 lashes in each tray



The most unique aspect of our line of Noir Lashes is that the industry’s most experienced craftsmen have recently refined their manufacturing process, allowing them to put 10% more lashes on each row. This makes it significantly easier for technicians to fan and feather the extensions during application in order to achieve a much fuller, thicker effect. A brand new non-stick brown tape has been introduced to make sure lashes are free of glue after detaching from tape.


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Noir 3.0 Volume Lashes 0.07