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Hybrid Fans 3D Luxury Individual Eyelash Extensions Classic Volume

Mixed Length Tray



  • A unique 3D hybrid design, beautiful and light weight.
  • Made of 2 X 0.07mm Mink Lashes and 1 X 0.15mm CASHMERE LASHES®
  • 4cm lash strip/16 lines in each box
  • Perfect to use together with LashArt Hand Sponge/Head Sponge or LashArt Hand Station/Head Station



  • 320 fans/960 lashes in each tray



  • A fraction of the weight of normal volume eyelash extensions
  • Retains its curl for twice as long
  • Comfortable to wear, less irritated feel to eyelids



All the good lash artists know the simple truth that heavy eyelash extensions can really damage a client’s natural eyelashes. If a natural lash has been ripped out too many times, it can never grow back. A brand new type of eyelash extension has been introduced to solve precisely this problem. Combining advanced polymer technology with the latest moulding techniques, our new CASHMERE LASHES® products have completely revolutionised the thinking behind the structure of the traditional eyelash extension.It is such a pleasure to work with this new revolutionary product, and your clients will immediately notice the difference. By adding the minimum amount of weight to the natural lash, the clients were barely able to notice a difference in how the extended lashes felt, with the product being so easy to care for and soft to the touch that it felt just like their own.


Authorised genuine distributor for Noir Eyelash Extensions

Cashmere Lashes Hybrid Fans 3D

    GLOSSY (0.15/0.20 Lightest Lash, Radiant Shine)
    AIR (0.15/0.20 Long Split Tip)
    MATTE (0.15/0.20/0.25 Satin Finish)
    VOLUME (0.07/0.10/Fans)
    HYBRID (Combination of 0.15 Cashmere Lash and 0.07 lashes)

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